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3 Things That Make Consistency In a Relationship Important

Consistency really is key.

Charlene Erazo
3 min readJan 14, 2022


One of the hardest things in life is trying to maintain a relationship. Whether it be a friendship, or between family, or most importantly a romantic relationship — someone you plan to share forever with. While carrying on in these type of relationships you will learn just how important consistency is. Don’t ignore it.

There are plenty of things in a relationship that must remain consistent in order for the relationship to continue its course in a healthy and happy manner. Consistency in a relationship is important, it’s almost as crucial as to what may make or break the relationship.

Personally, I believe consistency is very important in all of my relationships, especially my romantic ones. I like to point out what I feel is most important in the beginning of any relationship I encounter and consistency is at the top of my list.

Here are 3 things that I feel make consistency in a relationship so important.


When you have structure and you are aware of the relationships flow, then you have consistency. And structure is necessary in order to keep things on track, and when things are on track they are consistent.

Think about structure as having a set plan, and doesn’t things go smoother when you have a plan? For me they do. Try to keep the structure in a relationship, it will help keep things organized and not all over the place causing extra unnecessary stress.


No one likes to do chores as it is, imagine having to do all the chores by yourself while your partner just sits around watching television. I know I wouldn’t be happy about that. I mean, unless they are physically incapable of contributing help then okay I can sympathize.

Teamwork plays a huge role in a relationship. Let’s not forget teamwork in parenting and in all other major aspects of a relationship. I singled out chores because this seems to be a big problem in most relationships. Not everyone likes to give a helping hand.

When you are consistent with working together as a team you will feel less stressed and the relationship will remain…



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