When Is It the Right Time to Come Out?

Coming out is your very own special journey.

Charlene Erazo
2 min readSep 22, 2022


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When is it the right time to come out?

I have been asked this question plenty of times, and to be honest my answer never changes. There is no, “right” time to come out. Coming out is very special, it is very personal, and should be done on your own time, when you feel completely ready and comfortable.

This is not something you should rush, and it certainly is not something that must be yelled from the top of a mountain just for it to be complete or valid. Remember this is YOUR life not any one else’s. “Revealing” your identity does not make it more true than not revealing it.

“Just be yourself,” believe it or not, it is easier said than done. What does that even mean? Be yourself. What if I don’t know who I am yet, what if who I am isn’t liked by others? First, it is 100% normal to have not yet found yourself, it takes time to figure that out. Time is precious. Don’t you dare rush for anyone. Secondly, if no one likes who you are then they are not meant to be in your life. Simple as that. If they are not there to help water you, then they are not worthy of your flourish.

Find yourself first, do some serious soul searching. Ground yourself, become one with nature. When you’re ready to come out you will know, you will feel it throughout your body that enough is enough. You will see that hiding does not bring you happiness, and masking yourself does not allow you to show your true beautiful colors.

The moment I came out I felt free, but not free from the evil world, but free from myself. I realized I am living for me and not for anyone else so I will be sure to thrive each and every day as ME for me and not ME for others who could care less of my true happiness.

So, there’s no, “right” time to come out, there’s only YOUR time. Because it is all on YOUR time, so don’t you ever forget that.

Find yourself, love yourself, then reintroduce yourself in the happy and prideful light that you were born to shine with. That is the right time to come out. On your time.

Speaking from personal experiences. I am happy to listen and help anytime. Keep that light shining, don’t let anyone shut you off.



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