Two Months Until My Wedding

My feet have never been warmer.

Charlene Erazo
3 min readJun 30, 2022


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Never have I ever imagined getting married. You remember when you were a young girl and you played dress up, and dressed up in your mothers clothes, that one dress you wore with her high heels and the pillow case you put over your head as a veil to then orchestrate your very own fake wedding?

Not me! Because I never did such a thing. I was the tom-boy, the designer, I was the one who built the barbie houses for my sisters. I wasn’t thinking about the girly stuff like getting married or curling my hair to look, “pretty.”

During my younger years while dating, marriage never seemed to come to mind. I never really believed in it, or should I say the power of it. I guess I just never really trusted it. Perhaps, because my parents marriage was a complete failure, or maybe because I just wasn’t ready.

I have been in multiple long term relationships. 2 years, 3 years, and the most recent was about 5 years ago, that one was my longest — 10 whole years. I was young, and maybe I thought about it a few times in the last relationship, but we never really executed anything. Guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

Fast forward — my soulmate has finally found me!

The stars have aligned, my wishes have been granted, the moon has finally lit the way. She found me.

I knew she was the one I would spend forever with right after our first date, which was literally one week after we had met online for the first time. Sounds insane right. But I am a highly intuitive person, and when you know, you just know.

It was as if a switch was flipped. We spoke about marriage after the first year together. We spoke about our likes and dislikes. We spoke about our future together. We spoke about children.

She was the one I have been waiting for. She was the one I wanted to marry and spend forever with. The feeling came so natural. This was my destiny. And it felt amazing!

Almost 3 years with my soulmate and in about 2 months we’re scheduled to walk down the aisle and say our, “I do’s” in front of all the people we love. I have never been more secure and happy in my entire life. She is an angel sent from above. She has saved me in more ways than not, and I am forever grateful for every inch of who she is.

My heart is finally full, it has been since the moment she sent me that first message. And I cannot wait to spend forever and live happily ever after with my sweet girl.

There’s just two whole months until my wedding, and my feet have never been warmer.

When you’ve found the one be sure to hold onto them. Hold onto what you have and all the magic that comes with it. Love is beautiful, but it is also hard. Just remember one thing, when it is real and when it is genuine and when it is given both ways nothing, I mean nothing, will ever stop the fire from burning.



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